Empowering and seeking justice for people affected by military water contamination




Empowering and seeking justice for people affected by military water contamination.

We are a group of veterans and civilians who served our country. Without reserve, we left the safety and security of our homes to work for you, the American people.

Now we are suffering, and we need your help.

Across the United States, we were exposed to countless numbers of chemicals without our knowledge. We were exposed to known carcinogens and immune disruptors. We drank the water as you drink the water in your homes, trusting that it was good for us and for our families. Instead, the water brought us harm. Exposure to the contaminants in the water has injured us physically and damaged us emotionally. The unjust government response to our plight has been to call us “collateral damage.” That is wrong, and we are asking for justice.

On behalf of those involved, thank you.


February 2017 Letter to the ATSDR

Dear Dr. Stephens: We are a group of veterans who were stationed at some point in our military careers at the Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. We have concerns about past exposures to chemical contamination in the water, soil, and air at the base, as well as direct exposures through handling various chemicals in our jobs there. We feel that many health effects we are experiencing now may be due to exposures at Wurtsmith and should be covered by Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. Please consider our request to discuss with ATSDR the items listed below. We request a verbal (phone or in-person) discussion, with letter follow-up.  Read More


Environmental activist Erin Brockovich and James Bussey of Veterans & Civilians Clean Water Alliance detail the disturbing effects of water contamination at hundreds of U.S. military bases.

Activist Erin Brockovich Mobilizes With Veterans to Bring Attention to Military Base Contamination

Well-known environmental activist Erin Brockovich is teaming up with a group of veterans, Operation Stand Together, for a rally Saturday in Washington D.C. focused on environmental contamination at U.S. military bases. Brockovich is speaking at the rally and has been collecting data on military base contamination for more than eight years…


Old hydrant water may prove veterans were poisoned in Oscoda

OSCODA, MI — Investigators say decades-old water found inside forgotten fire hydrants at the former Wurtsmith Air Force base may prove to be the best evidence yet that military veterans and families stationed in northern Michigan were drinking water poisoned by an emergent class of toxic chemicals….


'We've been betrayed:' Veterans blame Air Force base water for chronic diseases

SCODA, MI — Traci Kroushour is 39 and will never have children.

That’s not by choice. All she ever wanted was to become a mother. But Kroushour’s uterus was removed at age 28 after two miscarriages and a lifetime of chronic ailments like bone death, fibromyalgia, irregular heartbeat, gastrointestinal problems and underdeveloped reproductive organs.


Did Wurtsmith Air Force Base Cause Health Woes?

OSCODA — For years, Tammy Dumaresq and her family spent time at a family cabin on Alvin Road, about 2 miles from the now-shuttered Wurtsmith Air Force Base, swimming nearby in the pond created by the Foote Dam.

In 1991, Dumaresq and her family moved to Oscoda, just a few miles from picturesque Lake Huron.

“That was part of the reason to come to town, because the house values dropped after the base closure and made it so affordable,” she said.

Both Dumaresq’s son, who was a year old  when they moved to the area, and a daughter born in 1997, were later diagnosed with problems with their thyroids, glands in the neck that secrete important hormones related to growth and metabolism. Dumaresq said her daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder causing chronic inflammation and ultimate failure of the thyroid gland.



In new laboratory work scientists find that low doses of PFOA harm lab animals — at estimated blood levels lower than those found in some children. The government initiated in-depth analyses of human risk on receiving 3M lab studies in May 2001. And now, with calculated risks to human health far too high, the government is poised to demand rare, expedited assessments.

Industry’s most recent study shows organ weight changes — often a gross sign of toxicity and damage to organ function — among lab animals exposed to PFOA in the womb and into early adulthood. [Organ weight effects in: males | females] [Mortality and sexual development: Extract | Full document] Some human children and adults have more PFOA in their blood than the estimated levels for the animals in this study. Under duress from the Environmental Protection Agency, 3M and DuPont are handing over unprecedented amounts of health and safety data — some 50,000 pages worth to date.



Members of our group have collaborated with Erin Brockovich to help raise awareness with televised interviews and media support. This fundraising campaign is to assist with travel accommodations for one of our veterans for a televised interview alongside Erin in New York City. Any funds raised for these travel expenses that are left over will go directly back to the group to assist with administrative expenses and to help spread more awareness. To learn more about the contaminated water at Wurstmith and the surrounding areas, please visit our website:
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